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Using a Coupon

How do I use a coupon code?

If you click the “Get Code’ button, the system will copy coupon automatically, then you can see the discount code you expect. This coupon code is applied at the checkout of your order. If you have any difficulty in using the coupon code, please see the illustrated guide below:

1 - Click the coupon code

Get Code

The discount code will appear to be in front of your eyes with the popup form.

Click the coupon code

2 - Copy code

Copy code

Pressing the “Get Code” button, your coupon code will be automatically copied by the system. For sure you can click "Copy Code" button.

Note: If your coupon code will not be shown, you can skip step 3 and access directly to the store and shop. The offer is applied automatically at the checkout.

3 - Shopping

We have already opened new browser window which has a page of the store you care.

4 - Using the coupon code

Using the coupon code

The coupon code is usually applied at an available coupon box when you go to the checkout. Paste the code into the box by using Ctrl + V for Windows or using Cmd + V for Mac. Besides, you can click right mouse button on the box for entering the code and select “paste” function.

Note: Each store has different name of calling coupons such as promotional code, coupon code, or discount code.